MPR Newsletters

November 2011
Region 6 Fall meeting report, MPR 60th Awards Banquet details, bio: Jeff Sankuer
October 2011
Hydrobowl (Seneca Lake) report, Region 6 Fall Meeting, MPR Banquet details, bio: Mario Maraldo
September 2011
Celina World Championships report, MPR Banquet is Nov 19th, bio: Mike Weber
August 2011
Congrats Mario - Nationals GP Champ!, Quake On The Lake report & photos, bio: Eric Hindbaugh
July 2011
Walled Lake Thunder report, Volunteering, upcoming Jack & Jack (Schafer) celebration
June 2011
Walled Lake Thunder ready to go, Volunteerism, and Kevin Lacey's bio
May 2011
Tom D'Eath inducted to NPASHOF, Patrick Sankuer Jr. Bio, MPR apparel order form
April 2011
Report on Boat Shows / AutoRama, Racer Bio: Chris Ritz, Display Boat report, Safety Cell testing
March 2011
Icebreaker Mackinaw presentation, By-Law proposal, Safety Cell testing, Blast from the past
January - February 2011
Meet the Board (part 2), Upcoming Safety Cell testing, Vintage newsletter articles
December 2010
2010 Award Winners, Display Boat project, Banquet photos and thoughts, Happy Holidays!
November 2010
Upcoming banquet, 2011 Board of Directors, Region 6 meeting notes, Meet the Board (part 1)