MPR Newsletters

June 2023
Some Sad News: Margie Kreitzer-Osborn, Preparations for the Belleville race!
May 2023
MPR display boat, upcoming race schedule
April 2023
Proposed rule change (FHR), Race planning reports, Autorama photos
March 2023
February Meeting minutes, January 31st BoD minutes, Team info request
February 2023
Autorama is coming up as well as the Region 6 Spring Meeting
January 2023
BoD meeting minutes, more Banquet Photos, need a boat for Autorama
December 2022
2022 Champions and Award Winners, Awards Banquet photos
April 2017
Some sad news, Proposed By-Law changes, Region 6 meeting report
March 2017
Proposed By-Law changes, Safety Cell / Capsule Training March 5th and April 1st
January - February 2017
Safety Cell Certifications, APBA Convention Review, A Piece from Publicity, R6 Spring Meeting
December 2016
New club officers, "Full Circles" article by Alexis Weber, Banquet news & photos
November 2016
BoD resignations, upcoming Awards Banquet