The Marine Prop Riders club was established in 1951 to promote Inboard Hydroplane Racing in the Detroit area.

Our drivers and owners range in age from their teens to 70-some, and represent at least seven classes of racing from the 1.0 Litre class to the thundering supercharged big-block powered Grand Prix hydros, as well as the Unlimited Hydroplanes that race for the APBA Gold Cup each summer. We also have members in the Vintage class who run exhibition laps with the raceboats of years gone by.

We set World Records!

MPR members are involved in presenting a number of races in the region, many are drivers and others participate as crew, scorers, referees, rescue personnel and event volunteers. You're welcome to join us.

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MPR Awards Banquet - November 11th 2023
September 27, 2023
More Sad News - Marion Linn
September 21, 2023

We're saddened to report that Steve Linn's mother, Marion Linn, passed away on September 18th 2023. Age 93.

Visitation is on Sunday with services on Monday.


Everyone at MPR would like to extend our condolences to Steve, Randy, and the Linn family.

Some Sad News - Julie Ann Tarian
September 20, 2023

We're saddened to report that Kathy Maraldo's daughter, Julie Ann Tarian, passed away on September 19th 2023. Age 57.

Visitation is on Monday with services on Tuesday.


Everyone at MPR would like to extend our condolences to Kathy, Mario, and their families.

CS Mott Lake - Drone video early Saturday AM
August 24, 2023

The CS Mott Lake area is gorgeous! It's perfect for hydroplane racing for many reasons, including the lake itself, the fantastic Bluebell Beach viewing area, and a nice pit area. Thanks to Erat Racing for the drone video. I think I see a Drivers Meeting at the pit entrance.

C.S. Mott Lake 2023 - Results
August 22, 2023

First through third finishers in each class are:

Y class = (1st) 52 Sean Bowsher, (2nd) 40 Scott Mellvic, (3rd) 2 Mark Weber

S class = (1st) 92 John Shaw, (2nd) 35 Kyle/Austin Hayes, (3rd) 14 Grant Hearn

A class = (1st) 55 Rich Falcincelli, (2nd) 35 Kyle/Austin Hayes, (3rd) 42 Cassie Briggs

E class = (1st) 52 Paul Barber, (2nd) 55 Rob Betke, (3rd) 5 Gary Chalfont

NM class = (1st) 23 Domnic Pono, (2nd) 100 Tony Black / Scott Anderson

GNH class = (1st) 67 John Shaw, (2nd) 64 Kevin Kreitzer

Thank you to all our participants, you made this event a success!

August 12-13 at C.S. Mott Lake in Genesee County
July 19, 2023

See us in Belleville MI June 24 & 25
May 26, 2023

We'll be on the water at ThrillinTheVille.com !

Dayton Test and Tune 2022
May 5, 2022

Each year we go to a pre-season test & tune event for everyone to get back on the water and test their off-season changes. Drone footage by Dillon Goodell, then his onboard video.

MPR member Andrew Tate - 2016 H1 Rookie award
January 15, 2017

Andrew Tate was awarded the 2016 H1 Unlimited Rookie trophy.
Watch his first win in Seattle 2016, the race begins 5 minutes in:

Maraldo / King win the 2016 APBA Summer Nationals!
July 23, 2016

This race was something to see... Andrew Tate way out in front but breaks down just short of the finish line, UGH! After that what could be better than Mario Maraldo (owner) and Bobby King (driver) taking the win in Baby Doll III !