MPR Newsletters

September 2012
Thunder O’er the Niagara report, Quake On The Lake photos, About MACH
August 2012
Some photos from Quake,Tonawanda sanction
July 2012
Gold Cup, Quake; We'll Miss You Joe Tate; bio: Ray Dong
June 2012
Summer Schedule Summary, Tom D'Eath Joins MSHOF, Future Of This Newsletter - Poll
May 2012
John Sedrowski passes, Walled Lake Thunder, bio: Judy Roberts
March - April 2012
Display boat photo, DYC / DRRA Fundraiser, Region 6 Awards, bio: Paul Poledink
January - February 2012
Award banquet highlights, About the Prop Rider of the Year awward, bio: Royce Richards
December 2011
Special December meeting, Banquet report, bio: Dan Kanfoush
November 2011
Region 6 Fall meeting report, MPR 60th Awards Banquet details, bio: Jeff Sankuer
October 2011
Hydrobowl (Seneca Lake) report, Region 6 Fall Meeting, MPR Banquet details, bio: Mario Maraldo
September 2011
Celina World Championships report, MPR Banquet is Nov 19th, bio: Mike Weber
August 2011
Congrats Mario - Nationals GP Champ!, Quake On The Lake report & photos, bio: Eric Hindbaugh