Baby Doll III

Baby Doll Racing Team
Active Years: 

Owner: Mario Maraldo (Harrison Township, MI)
Driver: Bobby Stevenson
Crew Chief: Phil Orsi
Crew: Steve Broggi, Bobby Stevenson
Engine: Chevrolet Truck, Fuel Injection: Ken Sperry
Hull: Maraldo / Auld
Safety Capsule: Jeff Rivard
Construction Advice: Jimmy King
Technical Advisor: Einar Glasius
Paint: Bobby Stevenson
Motor Home Chief: Kathy Maraldo

The Baby Doll III was built by the owner and crew over a five year period from 1993 to 1998. First run in 1998.

Mario is the long-time Treasurer of the Marine Prop Riders, and Baby Doll III is one of the fastest boats in the club ... a sight to see (and hear)!

Photo by Mark S.
GP-59 (at Valleyfield?)
Photo by Mark S.
Photo by Kevin Tombs
Valleyfield 7-14-12
Photo by Kevin Tombs
Photo from ULHRA
Close racing
Photo from ULHRA
Photo by Brian Reed
Mario at Streak 2008
Photo by Brian Reed
Team Highlights:

2016 - Summer Nationals Champion (Bobby King driving)
2011 - Summer Nationals Champion
2004 - High Point Champion
2002 - 1st Place - Hydro Super Series
2001 - Eastern Divisional Champion - Cambridge Maryland
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